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Eyes shining with expectation

- less than 3 weeks to go!

semi-overcast 20 °C

It is so hard to concentrate on my job now...
I try, I really do. But I keep drifting away, spending hours and hours surfing numerous travel sites, or photography sites... On the other hand, I actually don't have that much left to fix. The big exam is on Monday - will they obtain the environmental certificate or not... *drum whirls and excitement* Well, it's not really that exciting. I think they will.

Bought malaria pills yesterday. Check. Have bought a hammock. Check. Have booked a hostel for our first night in Caracas. Check.

But even though my mind is already travelling, my body is still in Sweden. I took it (i.e. my body) out for a run the other day. For once, the rain wasn't pouring down - it was actually quite nice weather and extraordinarily good light for photographing, so a sudden idea made me bring my camera with me on the run... I'm not sure how much exercise I actually got, but it was great fun!!!

Horse closeup

People stared at me when I was getting intrusive with animals of varying sizes, but what the heck...


It was a useful experience, this photo run. Haven't really relized how beautiful my everyday environment is! Almost makes me wonder why I want to travel so far away... But I want to travel! I do! I didn't say I don't want to! I'm super excited about going to South America - we have been planning this trip for almost a year now. I only mean that it all made me appreciate what I've got here, right now... I'm a very wise woman ;)

Horses and sunset

Even though I think a lot about the journey, I can't really imagine what it will be like. I mean, I'm perfectly able to conceptulize the airport, the flight, the arrival in Caracas, maybe even the first few days, being jetlagged and fascinated at the same time. But then what?!?! ...no matter how hard I concentrate, I just don't get any pictures in my head! Seven months of travelling, seven months of holiday, adventure and leisure - it's just impossible to grasp!!!

Red plant

I suppose I just have to be satisfied with the pictures I have from my run, and enjoy the present time, right now. Still 8 more days to work...


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Thoughts about climate

- why Swedish people talk about the wheather all the time.

rain 14 °C

Seriously, this summer is wierd.

Usually, the Swedish summer doesn't get started until early August - Midsummer is always freezing, despite great expectations every year.

(For those who don't know: Midsummer is Sweden's most celebrated holiday, end of June, lots of schnaps, herring and strawberries, and heathen rites such as dancing around a wooden pole covered with leaves and flowers in order to honour the Earth's fertility, etc. etc.)

Usually, the best we can hope for is a couple of warm days in August, to spend on the beach before school starts again. Sometimes, May is pretty warm too, but those years makes us even more dissapointed when Midsummer comes and it's almost snowing...

THOUGH...! This year, the warm wheather did a rush start in early June. Midsummer was the hottest ever, and we spent the whole day on the beach. It looked really promising actually, and everone was planning for long, relaxing days along the Swedish coast...

Cooling off in the lake by my sister's house

I spent a weekend in Stockholm, visiting my family. The heat was almost unbearable, we couldn't do much but lying around in the shade. The same situation the week before, on Roskilde Rock Festival in Denmark... We were constanly drinking water, sweating like cows (???), inhaling dust. (Though we saw some really awesome concerts down there, so the heat didn't bother us that much. Also, the wheather was far better than last year, when the whole Roskilde Festival area turned into a mud field thanks to uninterrupted raining...)

�sterlen  ..005 088.jpg
My friend Martin at Roskilde Festival

And now. Suddenly. It's freezing cold again, constantly raining!!!Pretty much like a usual Swedish summer. Strangely enough, it's even more depressing to work now!

An ordinary Swedish summer...

Am I being excessively negative? Yes, probably. But that's me, I'm Swedish - we talk about the weather all the time!!! And you know what? We were complaining about the heat in June as well... And we really shouldn't, because the Swedish summer is BEAUUUTIFUL!!! Just take a look at the picture below.

This is what the Swedish summer looks like!!!

Also, I have South America to look forward to. Pretty soon, I will be stationed on a white beach in Venezuela, doing absolutely nothing (which is - to be honest - entertaining for a day or so... But there's plenty of more adventurous stuff to do as well!).

Only four weeks left at work!!! Speaking of which, maybe I should work for a bit now...
Cheers // Susanna

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Friday afternoon...

...heavy showers...

all seasons in one day 25 °C

The rain is literally POURING down outside my window at work... Just a couple of hours ago, we had one of those really nice, sunny summer days, and I even went out to buy an icecream on my lunch break (I didn't though - I was too thirsty when I'd finally made it to McDonald's and wanted a coke instead). Then, suddenly, it got all windy, and just now we have this really exciting thunderstorm! I sort of like it, remains me of the daily situation in New Zealand actually... ;) Though I didn't bring a jacket to work today so I might get really wet on my way home.

Anyway, yesterday I had all my vaccinations for the trip. Yellow fever and polio, so it wasn't all that bad. And I was really good to, didn't faint or anything!

Later today, I will take the train to Stockholm to visit my sister and her newborn baby girl Alissa! So exciting, she's 12 days old today and apparently she looks like my grandmother

Unfortunately, this visit will also be a sad goodbye since it's probably my last chance to see my sister and her kids before I leave for South America... We live so far apart, pretty weird actually since Sweden isn't all that big! But I work fulltime and she has an newborn baby, and... well, there is simply not enough time.

Cheers, take care

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