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Beach hunting in Venezuela

sunny 28 °C

I´d like to start off with saying: we haven´t been beach bums all the time here in Venezuela! For instance, we did a pretty though 4-day-hike through immense (and very muddy) rainforest, in order to reach Canaima, the jump-off point to Salto Angel - the highest waterfall in the world! - otherwise only accessible by plane...

Though, Venezuela is in fact the only Caribbean country in our itinerary. Obviously, beaches, Calypso music and fruity coctails have to be a large part of it!

That´s why we went to Playa Pui Puy. According to Lonely Planet, Playa Pui Puy is "almost as beautiful as Playa Medina". Well, I haven´t been to Playa Medina but it must be goddamn beautiful! Because Playa Pui Puy is truly stunning. Crescent-shaped and postcard-perfect, and completely hidden from the rest of the world(it was actually a pain to get there). Big waves - though not big enough for surfing (as the disappointed surfer who had come all the way from Puerto la Cruz found out).

A few houses in the eastern corner of the beach. A bar, selling beer, snacks and water (occasionally) and playing loud salsa music (continuously). A small bodega selling other stuff (mostly canned tuna and cigarettes). And the brightly-painted posada with the huge veranda where we were staying. Since there weren´t any other guests, we had the veranda to ourselves most of the time. A few meters only from the sea - and it was perfect to watch the sunset from!

When we first got there, we panicked. "There´s nothing to do here! We are going to get bored!!!". You see, we were really keen to DO stuff - and it wasnt´t even possible to hire a surfboard!

But after a few hours we calmed down and exhaled. ...and 3 days passed by, just like that! To swim in the waves, to make small expeditions in the surroundings, to read on the veranda, to "have conversations" with the locals (i.e. to ask questions in poor Spanish and not understand the answer) - activities sufficient to keep us busy. And more than anything, enjoying the peacefulness, and the beach with its beauty... very relaxing.

Arrived in Santa Fe yesterday - it took us five different vehicles to get there from Pui Puy. The beach here is quite touristic but there are no tourists really, and the village is just as sleepy as they all seem to be. Still, various activities are available (such as kayaking and snorkeling) and we´re finally able to Do stuff! ;)

Also, for the first time in Venezuela, we´ve actually been able to order coctails on a Carribean beach (which was sort of the whole purpose with this part of the trip...). Last night, the electricity was off (seems to happen quite frequently here) so the beach was in complete darkness, except from the lightning in the sky and a couple of candles at the tiny but delightful beachfront restaurant. Though, food was available, and so were the coctails... Yummy!

Today, we´ve spent most of the time in the water, snorkelling with colourful fish in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The islands in Mochima National Park are full of pretty little beaches to spend the day on and surrounded by coral reefs to explore with the snorkelling gear. So, here we are. Relaxing.

And Angel Falls? Yeah, it was pretty cool. But that´s a whole different story. I might tell it some other time.

In a few days, we´re off to Ecuador!!!

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we're off!!!

sunny 31 °C

So... now I remember. This is what travelling is like.

My mind is totally relaxed, and more than anything I just feel like the luckiest person in the world! We are able to be here, to see and experience this part of the world, to do whatever we want, all the time. Things just happen - nothing needs to be planned...

Venezuela. Hot like crazy when we arrived. People speaking Spanish really fast, everywhere. Though, we tried to look as streetsmart as possible, and indeed we managed to get from the airport, by bus and subway, into Caracas, without getting robbed or anything! Which was actually well done, at least according to what we've heard about that city - apparently it is the 4th most dangerous city in the world! Couldn´t get out of there too fast...

Now we are staying at a laidback hostel/lodge/Spanish-school at Playa Colorada, 6 hours east of Caracas. Couldn´t feel much better than this actually! We sleep in our hammocks on a large veranda with an ocean view. We´re surrounded by banana leaves and other greenery, and the beach framed with coconut trees is just 100 meters away.

People here are superfriendly and welcoming, and everything is just tranquilo and manaña all the time. A perfect first week of a very, very long vaccation...

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Last day at work!!!


sunny 19 °C

Friday (August 26th)

It's my last day at work today!!!

My bosses took me out for lunch, fancy sushi restaurant, yummy!

They kept on telling me how much they appreciate what I've done, how efficient and well-organized they think I am, how much they are going to miss me, etc. etc. A bit of exaggeration maybe but nvertheless, the greatfulness and tribute felt good!

Best of all - I can leave work early today!

So I'm just going to clean out my desk and return my borrowed cell phone, and the laptop of course... And then I'm off!

A week from now, I'm in Venezuela somewhere...

Wednesday (August 31st)

This is it. The train to Copenhagen Airport leaves in less than 3 hours. The backpacks are packed (!), almost bursting, we have said our farewells, and now we're beginning to feel nervous.

Goodbye, Sweden! Goodbye, friends and family... And hello, World! Hello, adventure! Hello, heavy backpack, aching back and feet... But most of all: Hello, South America, with all your stunning nature and exciting culture!

There's no going back now...


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